I’ve been massaging at Massage Marin for 3 years now. It’s a very thankful and gratifying way to work with people. I still learn every day by expanding my massage knowledge and personal development. I find it important to keep evolving and to keep my energy clear so I can be a loving presence during bodywork. The massages are custom made to your personal needs and situation at that moment.

What do I do:

Relaxation massage

This a a massage where I use Thai pressure point and stretching combined with the traditional Swedish massage – that is known for its long and southing stokes. This massage is an opportunity to ‘check out’ of the daily rat race to clear the mind and connect with yourself. It is a full body massage with a head massage to calm down your monkey mind. And ends with a foot massage to ground you – so you feel fully charged to face all whats ahead of you!

Deep Tissue

A firm massage that concentrates on the muscle tension created by sports or stress.
I use the same techniques as the relaxation massage but with more focus and pressure on the blocked muscle and tissue.

Massage Therapy The Journey

Do you have old issues that have held you back in your life? In your personal development, relationships or work. I can help you in the right direction. By getting you back in touch with your own, infinite wisdom. You’ll clear old memories stored in your cells for complete and natural healing of your body and being.
I use a variety of techniques that are suitable for you at that moment. I use massage to locate your blockages. With the method of The Journey ( Brandon Bay ) in combination with breath work and meditation we travel through the layers to reach your source. After the session you will get personal, positive affirmations to work with.

My goal is to get you back in touch with your inner strength and knowing. By clearing inner pollution in keeping your energy field clean you will experience an awakening to your own abundant and limitless potential – so you can achieve success in every area of your life.