SheilaAs a previous client in the uk said: ”Sheila’s massages are the perfect antidote to a stressful day, hard enough to remove the knots yet gentle enough to relax.”

I qualified in massage 20 years ago and in foot reflexology 13 years ago. I have also attended many courses in energy healing. I ran my own practice in the uk for 10 years. I am also a facilitator of Biodanza.

Holistic means whole so I treat you as a whole person, physical, mental and emotions. Each treatment is tailored to you in the moment. My aim is to bring you back into balance with yourself. When we can relax back into our bodies we can tell the difference between what we are feeling and what we are thinking. Our thoughts are often dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. When we can be present in our bodies we can feel what is real.

My massage is based on Swedish massage techniques but I also use stretching, techniques from shiatsu, Thai massage and Energy work depending on what is needed. I usually combine some deep massage into the really tight areas with relaxing techniques to aid relaxation.

I usually finish each massage with a little foot reflexology. This helps to reinforce the effect of the massage.

I also offer just a foot reflexology treatment. The whole body is represented on different areas of the feet. When the body is blocked in an area it will form small crystals under the surface of the feet. By gently massaging all over the feet these are broken down and the blockage is released, allowing the body to heal itself. Most people feel very relaxed after a treatment. It has been shown to help: back pain, migraine, infertility, Hormonal imbalances, stress and be really good in helping the side effects of cancer treatment.

When you come for a massage, you are giving yourself a break from the pace of life to slow down, relax and my aim is that you feel great and revitalised when you leave.

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