Massage Marin ReginaRegina Kelly has been working as a massage therapist for 19 years.

Her first training was in Italy, in Turin, in the TNI Frank Natal Institute with Shaida Cartela, learning the massage “Via della Luna”. In 1995 she continued her training in India with “Ayurvedic Massage”. She travelled around Thailand learning “Thai Massage” and “Chi Nei Tsang”. In the Netherlands she got her certification in “Touch Pro”: express massage applied in a special chair. During this time she became a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. At the beginning of 2001 she run her own Massage Studio in Amsterdam. Between 2011-20115 she lived in an Ecovillage called Piracanga, in Bahia, Brazil where she did her training in “Osho Rebalacing”.

Since 2016 Regina lives in Amsterdam where she works at Nieuwe Yoga School and Marin’s Studio. She also works in events and with companies doing massage and teaching Yoga. Her work and technique is an integration of all the body techniques she has explored in the last 18 years, including yoga, meditation and conscious breathing.

In her own words: “For me doing massage is a Meditation.”

My passion is health and wellness. I bring this passion to my massage practice and yoga teaching with all of my experience in the service industry. Whether it is translation, human rights work, or public relations my work centers around creating health and wellbeing. I massage while speaking Portuguese, English, Italian, or Spanish. No matter where I am, or what language, I carry a strong clear intention to provide a fantastic, relaxing and healing experience.