Massage is an invitation to listen to yourself and for you to start learning the language that your body speaks. Massage is a means to find and regain balance.

Around 2003 I came into contact with a masseur who helped me to know my body. That inspired me to follow training courses in 2004, including foot reflex, sport and relaxation massage, deep tissue, Shiatsu, nutrition and health and a orthomolecular study (vitamin education) in Amsterdam.

Through these studies have I gotten a holistic view on the body (everything is connected to each other). My passion and expertise is about “reading” bodies’. I want nothing more than to actually make contact with passion, attention and empathy and energy transfer in massages.

Through my hands, my soft power, I would like to give you the opportunity to get closer to yourself, let you experience what’s going on in your body. I want to teach you to listen to the language that your body speaks. With attention present, in the moment.

You’re welcome!