Following my degree in Psychology, I have worked for more than 25 years in the Youth Care sector as a social worker, work supervisor, team leader and consultant and gained more than 15 years of coaching experience along the way. With this cultivated knowledgIe I decided to take a new turn in my career and started my own business as a vitality coach.

As a generalist, my interests are broad; I am also a certified masseur and a pilates and zumba instructor. In my spare time I dance in a modern dance company where I perform regularly on a national scale.

As a vitality coach, I help my clients regain awareness of the body and ownership of their own energy management and balance. I have a holistic approach to this: there is always a connection between the physical, the mental and the emotional (body-mind-soul). The focus here is to take back your autonomy to self-heal and getting back your own strength as soon as possible.

I was introduced to the art of massage and its healing powers very early on in the family: during my childhood I was massaged by my grandmother and had to regularly massage my mother. I see massage – now that I’m also an avid dancer – as a necessary tool to let the body recover and relax after being exposed to different stressors (both physically and mentally).

The massages I give are intuitive and can be both intense, relaxed, and customized to your individual needs. I have gained my professional knowledge and experience at the Thai Traditional Medicine School (Watpo-Bangkok) and Thai-Hand (Amsterdam). I also attended a part-time training in Massage and Movement Therapy at ProEducation (NCOI).