Massage therapists listen with their hands, and with their heart

My own desire to be more in my body than in my head and to be able to relax better, led me to massage therapy. Thus, in addition to my study at the UvA in 1990, I followed a professional massage course. I now have over 25 years of experience as a passionate and all-round massage therapist, such as (in the past) at the National Ballet and Cirque du Soleil. During that time I studied several techniques and specific complaints.

The healing power of hands is and remains amazing. With my hands I scan your body, trace the blockages and integrate the massage techniques that are useful to you.

My specialties, besides an intuitive massage are: relaxation massage, deep tissue, trigger point, connective tissue massage, sport- and injury-oriented massage, pregnancy massage, cupping, movement techniques (joint movement, stretching and holistic pulsing) and reiki.

I am looking forward to massaging you!


Relaxed after a great massage from head to toe by Jaqueline. She feels exactly where the tension is and gives soft but firm pressure where needed. I have had massages throughout the world (Greece, Italy, Thailand, Tanzania, Dominican Republic just to mention a few places) and this is certainly one of the best. The healing hands of Jaqueline are a must for those who want to feel relaxed and ‘renewed’ – Lisette

Hello Jacqueline. Your massage yesterday has helped tremendously. The sciatica is not over, but much better !! Thank you. – Han

I had alot of pain in my neck and sholders and I’ve been going to massages but that had just helped me temporarily. Then I found Massage Marin and Jacqueline did my massage and it helped me alot with the pain. Strongly recommend others to try it. – Ayman Hassan

Super nice and relaxed massage experience. I left as reborn. Thnx! – Ineke

OMG Jackie is the best masseuse you will find. Luckily I found her as my neck and shoulder blades were in great pain. I’d been to 3x massage places of which none got any result. Thank goodness I found Jackie and could end the experiment with my money. Really, I could not rate Jackie highly enough and when you find someone this good at their craft then it’s like finding a hidden treasure. One visit and my neck and shoulder blades were like new. All the pain was away the next morning. Jackie definitely has a repeat customer for years to come. Don’t go anywhere Jackie. Thank you so much. – Simon