“Offering the right mirrors at the right moment are key for a balanced body, mind and spirit“.
This is my starting point for a Life Coaching session as well for massage.

In 2008 I start to build my fundament for massaging and kundalini reiki sessions. Professional institutes in Thailand (Chiang Mai) and Bali (Ubud) gave me a thorough knowledge. Most of all it gave me insight that body, mind and spirit are one.
When you approach it from ‘Metta’ – loving kindness: conscious awareness – then the opportunity arises to heal yourself.

This is base for all my massages. Adjusting in intensity, a strong but kind approach so you shine from inside out.
With my massages I create space in your body so you can release blockages. Physically, mentally and spiritually. The massage works throughout all levels.

Also in Life Coaching I help you to get clarity. Where do you want to go and which blockages do you need to remove so you can freely move to where you want to go.
Trainings and courses in the Netherlands and internationally gave me hands-on tools, as Neuro Linguistic Programming, to give you clear insights. Or even better, to find your turning point for flow in stead of feeling stuck.
A combination of Coaching and Massage works even better. So you feel more relaxed in totality and ready to move forward.

I am looking forward to meet you!


“Hands of healing – I was fortunate to experience the healing hands of Hanna last week in the zen ambiance of her massage studio. After I felt open, relaxed and flow in my body. A natural healer, her massage gave my body what it needed and where it needed it.
Being a therapist my self ive experienced many great and less than great treatments. Hanna’s massage top class, its a MUST!! Thank you Hanna.” -James

“My massage therapist Hanna, was incredible. She was gentle and attentive, and carefully listened to my concerns. On top of that, she also seemed closely in tune with how my body worked so I woke up feeling like a million bucks with a couple of tweaks I wasn’t expecting (fancy ear, foot and pressure point work) -Ally.