Paying attention to your body is the starting point. My work focuses on removing all forms of blockage and stress and put you in contact with your body again. Space in your head and heart is my gift to you!

Massage is pure hand craft. In all its forms it is a very direct approach to physical and mental pain associated therewith.

Two years ago I was first introduced to Marin. I had never been to a practice where they are working with so much attention, love and know how. I was fascinated, became interested in this subject and started to take lessons from her. The massage techniques I have learned are focused on relaxation, but also go further and include elements of pressure point massage (shiatsu), deep tissue, Pregnancy massage and reflexology to let the energy optimally flow through your body again.


“Went here whilst in Amsterdam during a long European visit. I was treated by Eefke and she was really great. Very attentive and thoughtful, focused on the areas I’d highlighted using her varied experience. If I lived here I’d certainly be a regular.” – Ad Ro

“One hour of complete relaxation: wonderful. You directly feel comfortable with Eefke and she is a very good masseuse. Thanks!” – Michelle Bakker

“Oasis of rest and relaxation in town! Relaxing and healing massage given by Eefke. Time and attention for the human being in a holistic way. First experience with cupping in combination with massage, and was pleasantly surprised how well that works!
I left Massage Marin an hour later much more relaxed, thanks to the work of “magic hands.” Make time for this place, definitely a must … “-James

“This place is so warm and welcoming. It is a small room which feels cozy and far away from the outside world. Eefke is a magician. She listens to what you want or need, and then finds all the spots which need work, and you walk out feeling like you’re lighter than air.” – Kate Mingay

“I was on a European tour for consecutive business meetings jumping from an airport to another and thought to pamper myself in Amsterdam so I booked at Marin Massage after reading delightful customer reviews.
Anxiously I reached the location and few minutes later the door opened and with a welcoming and beautiful smile the therapist Eefke asked me politely to come in.
As soon as the session started I felt deeply relaxed, shortly after I started fading away hearing her calming voice and feeling her soft therapeutic touches.
The massage was the best I ever had in my life, it was a spiritual experience which I had never experienced before, I started remembering old and beautiful memories of my childhood and completely lost track of time and space as if she held my hands and flew me away to another world.
She woke me up softly an hour later and it felt as if I went to heaven and came back. I never wanted to leave, too bad I booked on the last day of my stay, otherwise I would have gone back.
I can highly recommend Eefke she is extremely professional and friendly as a person, you also feel the energy all around her.
This was a once in a lifetime experience which I would never forget.” – Salam