In 1994, I followed trainings in Beauty Care and Massage and I have thus been active in the field for over 25 years. This, combined with my Moluccan background, makes that I work both technically and intuitively. My goal is healing and taking away pain through a combination of massage and powerful energetic techniques such as laying hands on specific areas. As a masseuse, I bring back balance between body and mind. Through massage, I experience the body as a flowing river and feel out blockages within the river, which I then remove to bring the body back to it’s naturally relaxed state. Als masseuse geef ik de balans terug van lichaam en geest.

I feel that helping with the movement of the body and advising on a personal level is part of my job – body and mind are extremely connected. One of the beautiful things I hope to give through my work is love for yourself and the ability to stand in your power.

I give relaxation massages, energetic massages, deep tissue, pain relief, pregnancy massages, baby massages and sport massages.

Clients about Christine

“I’m an artist who always works with her hands and about 10 years ago I came to Christine with bad injuries to my neck, arms, etcetera. I couldn’t work anymore and my physiotherapist had aadvised against massage. Stubborn as I am though, I still ended up with Christine through an acquaintance. You could say Christine massaged me ‘whole’ again; she pushed her way through my blockages and made sure that everything flowed freely again. I’ve come back to her every month since – healing that goes further than just the actions themselves. You can have her every now and then, but in moderation, because I need her badly as well!” – Kolet

“Christine is an incredibly nice person, you can completely relax with her, she will make sure you can really let go for an hour or so. She knows what your skin needs and she completely adapts her treatment to what she feels you need! Absolutely recommend!” – Mendie

“Despite corona, I can always come to Christine. She carefully explains everything, wears a mask and cares about hygiene, which is something Christine always cares about a lot. I come to Christine for hormonal issues or when my neck or back hurt, and I always feel better afterwards. I have had massages at multiple places but none have been comparable to Christine’s. She always knows exactly how to press the right buttons. Massage aside, there’s also always plenty of space for a good conversation and I always go home completely relaxed.” – Marlou

“Christine is a sweet, warm women, who massages with intuition. She knows how to make you feel right at home, feels exactly where your pains are and will massage just as long until she feels it’s fixed. During the treatment she will make nice small talk with you. It’s fantastic the way she goes about things and you’ll be relieved of your pains in no time.” – Lianne