Therapeutic Session

Want to know more about the origin of your pain? Do you have the feeling that your body wants to tell a story? Or you want to deal with pain in another way?
Book then a therapeutic session. By putting your complaint in the spotlight you’ll be able to approach it differently and feel lighter afterwards.

This session is very helpful by:

  • stress and tension
  • burnout
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
Massage Therapy
During this 90 minutes session we will explore. In conversation and on the massage table. Where does the complaint come from and what emotions are involved?
We’ll guide you to go inwards, to feel where you can release old pain and patterns. We give useful tips on how to connect your head, body and soul so that you can deal with the complaint in a different way. And here you create space, space for you.
Cranio sacral therapy
90 minutes session focusing on your cranio sacral system, also known as the ‘brain rhythm’. The brains and the central nervous system are protected by a membrane containing a liquid which pulsates. Where we store consciously and unconsciously emotional and physical issues. This affects our whole body system including hormones and mood.
With this therapy, originally from the Osteopathy, the cerebral spinal fluid is influenced in a very light way so you rebalance your system. Your self-healing power is stimulated and your body is invited to function optimally again.
Practised by: Marlies